Thursday, June 7, 2007

How To - OWSM 10.1.3 : Use LDAP to authenticate admin users into OWSM Control(UI)

By default, OWSM uses user/group information from the users and groups tables in the configured database. In addition, the groups are linked to roles in the group_role_mappings table.

To switch the authentication identity provider from the database(default) to LDAP, follow these steps from the Admin guide.

Now, pick a group in LDAP whose members will be allowed full access to the OWSM Control. Lets say, it is owsm-administrators.

Add a group role mapping for this group in the group_role_mappings table by executing
insert into group_role_mappings values ('owsm-administrators',1,'Y');

Voila! You have successfully switched the authentication store for Control application to LDAP.
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