Friday, May 18, 2007

Highlights from JavaOne2007

Top areas that got due attention during the Java One 2007 conference held at Moscone Center in San Francisco were

  1. Rich clients / Web 2.0 - Sun's JavaFx, Adobe's Flex, Open source OpenJfx, Oracle's Silverlight were the most talked about topics. Several sessions covered the rich client technology.
  2. Service oriented architecture (SOA) - There was a separate sessions track on it. Many companies showcased mashups with SOA and the Service Component Architecture (SCA) offerings.
  3. Mobile device programming - Motorola, Nokia, Sun and others showcased programming for mobile devices.
  4. Ruby on Rails - This new programming framework was on everyone's mind with JRuby providing the java implementation.

Oracle was a platinum sponsor, and had a grand presence in the show. You can watch Thomas Kurian's keynote here.

Finally, more than 600 attended the presentation on web services security which I did alongwith Marc Chanliau. This was inspite of it being on the last day of the show. Security is a HOT topic.