Friday, September 28, 2007

How To - 10.1.3 OWSM: Access OAM action header values in a custom step

OWSM integrates with Oracle Access Manager(OAM) using "Oracle Access Manager Authenticate Authorize" policy step. As part of authentication/authorization OAM can return action header variables back to OWSM, if return action is configured in OAM authentication scheme. Typical usage is to return a certain user attribute or groups that the user belongs to (using obmygroups as the header variable). See OAM documentation for further details on this functionality.

These action header values can be retrieved in an OWSM custom policy step through the following API

HashMap headers = msgCtxt.getProperty(MessageContext.USER_ATTRIBUTES);

How To - 10.1.3 OWSM: Display monitoring metrics for more than 100 minutes (around 2 hrs)

OWSM by default displays monitoring metrics only for the last 100 minutes (close to 2 hrs). The setting can be changed by folowing the below procedure.

Open the configuration file OC4J_HOME/owsm/config/coreman/monitor-config-installer.properties, and modify the following property to the desired value.

Redeploy the monitor application by going to OC4J_HOME/owsm/bin directory and running the following command
wsmadmin deploy OC4J_ADMIN_PASSWORD coreman