Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oracle + Sun Strategy Webcast

Oracle + Sun Strategy Webcast was done by Oracle/Sun executives today.
Hope you got a chance to attend it live. If you missed it, check back the link in couple of days when the recording would be available for on demand viewing.

HowTo - OWSM 11g: Creating custom policy assertions

Similar to OWSM 10gR3, you can extend OWSM in 11g using custom policy implementations.
From terminology perspective, OWSM 10g custom policy is similar to OWSM 11g custom policy assertion.
Here are some quick links that may help if you plan to implement custom policies.
  1. Refer to Creating Custom Assertions section of OWSM product documentation
  2. Refer to Java API reference for available APIs
  3. Step by step How-To guide on building a sample custom assertion, deploy, and test it

Dynamic Data Center through Cisco-Netapp-VmWare collaboration

New Secure Multi-tenancy Meets Virtualization and Enterprise Cloud
Security Requirements

Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture is an end-to-end, validated design
architecture that isolates IT resources for enhanced security in shared
virtual and enterprise cloud environments. The design architecture helps
enterprise customers, systems integrators and service providers develop
internal and external cloud services that isolate clients, business units,
departments or security zones for enhanced security across the computing,
networking, storage and management layers of a unified infrastructure. The
Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture provides details about
implementing and configuring the architecture, as well as best practices
for building and managing best-in-class solutions from Cisco, NetApp and
VMware. This validated design architecture significantly increases business
agility by helping IT administrators to establish the appropriate quality
of service for each resource layer and to deliver consistent service
performance levels for the applications in each layer.

The Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture is based on Cisco Nexus® Series Switches and the Cisco® Unified Computing System, NetApp FAS storage with MultiStore®, and VMware vSphere and vShield™ Zones. The design reference architecture has been jointly tested and validated as a Cisco Validated Design so customers can quickly assess their needs and deploy integrated solutions from Cisco, NetApp and VMware that meet the stringent requirements of their dynamic data centers. The Cisco Validated Design Guide can be viewed at www.netapp.com/us/cisco-vmware/.

"Virtualization of the network, server and storage infrastructure is
radically reshaping today's data center," said Paul Maritz, president and
CEO, VMware. "The dynamic data center built on VMware® vSphere™, along
with Cisco and NetApp® technologies, will provide the foundation for both
private and public clouds and the ability to move data and applications
between these clouds. A shared virtual infrastructure requires that
resources for different tenants are isolated while delivering on promised
service levels. We have integrated our technology with Cisco and NetApp not
only to accelerate our customers' journey through their data center
transition, but also to deliver an outstanding customer experience."

See http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/marketwire/0580403.htm

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gartner acquires Burton group

Gartner, Inc. which acquired AMR Research recently for $64 million, announced that, on December 30, 2009, it acquired Burton Group, Inc. for approximately $56 million in cash.

Gene Hall, Gartner's chief executive officer, said, "Gartner has traditionally focused on providing strategic insight to CIOs and senior IT executives, while Burton Group has built a leading niche providing practical, how-to advice to front-line IT professionals. Thus, Burton Group is a great strategic fit for Gartner and should enable us to offer a more complete solution to every level and functional expert within an IT organization. By leveraging our scale and worldwide distribution capabilities, we expect to significantly grow Burton Group’s business over time."

Jamie Lewis, Burton Group’s chief executive officer, commented, “I am very excited about the opportunities for accelerated growth that Burton Group should have as part of Gartner. By combining our technical depth with Gartner’s global presence and distribution capabilities, we can reach a much broader set of clients with the most complete set of IT research and advisory services available.”