Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tech M&A deals of 2010

Here's some notable tech M&A activity happened till May, 2010.

In Security space,

  • Oracle IdM adding identity analytics (OIA) to it's portfolio through the broader Sun acquisition
  • Symantec enhancing encryption portfolio with PGP, GuardianEdge, and vulnerability assessment offering through Gideon Technologies
  • EMC's RSA Security Division acquired Archer Technologies for GRC across physical+virtual infrastructures
  • Trustwave acquired Intellitactics for SIEM to enhance PCI compliance offering, and BitArmor to enhance endpoint security offering
In Cloud computing space,
  • VmWare seems to be building up Cloud PaaS platform acquiring Spring Source (in 2009) , and now Zimbra, and Rabbit Technologies
  • CA acquired Nimsoft and 3Tera to manage cloud environments
  • Cisco acquired Rohati Systems for cloud security in Cisco's Nexus switch line
In Mobile space,
  • SAP planning to buy Sybase for it's mobile middleware
  • Apple getting Siri, HP getting Palm, RIM getting Viigo
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