Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Technology Previews(JDeveloper/ADF and OC4J)

Visit OTN's Java Developer Center to download Technology Previews of Oracle JDeveloper and ADF 11g and the Java EE 5.0-compliant Oracle Containers for Java 11g. These previews are designed to make it easier to develop and deploy Java EE 5, Web 2.0, and AJAX-style Rich Internet Applications.

Try the new features in web services security such as support for WS-Policy 1.1 and WS-SecurityPolicy 1.1 specifications, and how they help service providers publish their security requirements in service WSDL automatically through the WS-PolicyAttachment 1.1 specification. Both WS-Security 1.0 and WS-Security 1.1 are supported in this release.