Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Presenting Technical Session TS-8131 on Web Services Security in JavaOne 2007

I'll be presenting this technical session on Web Services Security alongwith Marc Chanliau (Director, Product Management, Oracle) in JavaOne 2007. Here are the session details.

Session ID: TS-8131
Session Title: Java Technology and Web Services Security in Action
Track: Services and Integration
Room: Esplanade 304/306
Date: 11-MAY-07
Start Time: 13:30

Summary: In service-oriented architecture (SOA), security and especially identity propagation are among the challenges IT organizations face today. Java EE and Jav SE provide standards and best practices, such as Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) and Java Authorization Contract for Containers (JACC), to ensure security in the platform, and web services also provide WS-Security standards for achieving secure communication and identity propagation. In this session, you find out how you can achieve identity propagation between services and business processes by using Java technology. The session introduces you to the various security standards of the Java platform and web services and demonstrates them in action by using an end-to-end scenario involving Java SE, Java EE applications (JAX-WS), business processes (BPEL), and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). You will see how Java technology-based security can be used in conjunction with WS-Security standards to encrypt, sign messages, and propagate the identity of users between the various actors of a classical SOA-based application.

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