Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FAQ - OWSM 11g: Can I deploy OWSM policy manager on a different VLAN?

OWSM policy manager is a JEE application that is deployed on a Weblogic (WLS) managed server. Some customers who like to segregate deployments of security apps and integration/business apps into different VLANs, can deploy OWSM policy manager on a separate Weblogic server running in security VLAN by following these steps.

Step 1: Run RCU to install database schema required for SOA Suite install. This can be running on a server in a database VLAN
Step 2: Install SOA Suite on a server in security VLAN. This will contain OWSM policy manager running on managed server and EM FMW control running on AdminServer.
Step 3: Install WLS managed server (using SOA Suite installer) on a server in application VLAN, joining the WLS domain from step 1 install.
Step 4: Deploy SOA composite apps to the managed server in application VLAN, and start applying OWSM policies to it using EM (or in JDeveloper itself)