Wednesday, November 7, 2007

News: Apply OWSM patchset

OWSM patchset was released couple of months back. If you haven't patched your installation yet, then I would strongly recommended you to do it.
Apart from many bug fixes, some enhacements also went into the patchset.

  • Gateway can register services whose wsdl imported another wsdl or schema (xsd). This is very common in Oracle BPEL, and a workaround was required to be applied in to put the imported wsdl or xsd in OH/j2ee/home/applications/gateway/gateway/services folder. This workaround is no longer required if the patchset is applied.
  • Purge old policy versions using WSM console.
  • Purge old message logs using WSM console
  • Oracle WSM Server Agents for AXIS 1.4 on OC4J are supported.
  • SOAP with attachments (SwA) messages can be processed by Oracle WSM Gateways and Agents, where the messages are neither signed nor encrypted.
  • Custom steps in the Oracle WSM Gateway can add or modify outgoing HTTP headers.

The documentation guides also underwent updates

  • SSL information is more complete
  • Extensibility guide has more details with examples