Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Best Practice - 10.1.3 OWSM: Configuration management for agents

When you deploy agents, you configure OH/owsm/bin/agent.properties. Now, if you have multiple agents you can quickly overwrite the configuration used for a previous agent deployment.
As a best practice, after you deploy an agent, copy the agent.properties file to __agent.properties (such as SID0003002_HelloWorld_agent.properties), and put it under source code control.
At a later point, if you need to redeploy the application you can quickly pull out the corresponding agent.properties file from source code control system and deploy the agent for the redeployed application.
Additionally, also put OH/owsm/config/serveragent or OH/owsm/config/clientagent directory under source code control. These directories contain configuration items for the agent runtime that can be customized, and you may want to version control it.