Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To - OWSM 10.1.3 : Change default password of admin user accessing OWSM Control when JSSO is disabled

When JSSO is disabled, Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) Control authenticate users at login time with the users present in a database table. To change the default password for the user "admin", follow these steps:
- delete admin user
- add admin user back
- add admin user to the super user group "su1-grp"

1. Go to OC4J_HOME/owsm/bin directory and modify manageUserGroups.properties
user_name=admin user

group_desc=super user group

2. Delete the existing admin user by executing
wsmadmin manageUserGroups deleteUser

4. Add the admin user again by executing
wsmadmin.bat manageUserGroups addUser

5. Add admin user to super user group
wsmadmin.bat manageUserGroups addUserGroup

The admin user password is changed.