Thursday, October 7, 2010

Access Google address book via LDAP using OVD

My colleague Mark Wilcox who also runs a blog created an integration between Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) and Google address book.
This solves use cases for customers who use Google Apps for business, and would also like to use Google as their source of identity instead of maintaining user profiles in their own LDAP stores. OVD provides a nice virtual LDAP interface on top of this Google identity store. Customers can leverage it for SSO of their enterprise apps using Google identities. Where there's a need to add custom attributes to the user's Google profile, OVD has a provision to allow addition of such attributes without modifying the schema of Google identity store (which anyways is inaccessible).

Note that this is different from the SAML federation that Google supports for access to "Google Apps" using enterprise identities that come from enterprise LDAP.