Friday, March 12, 2010

FAQ - OWSM 11g documentation links

Listing all OWSM 11gR1 related documentation at one place from the latest patchset.

GuideReleasePart NumberComments
Documentation Library Portal11gR1 PS1E15523_01Main site with links to all guides
Installation Guide for Oracle SOA Suite11gR1 PS1 E13925-02Installing SOA Suite
OWSM Upgrade Guide - 10gR3 to 11gR111gR1 PS1E10127-01Migrating OWSM policies from 10g3 to 11gR1 release
OWSM Admin Guide (Security and Administrator's Guide for Web Services)11gR1 PS1B32511-02Main OWSM guide covering concepts & management interfaces
OWSM Developer's Guide (Securing WebLogic Web Services)11gR1 PS1 E13713-02Covers how to attach policies at design time through JDeveloper
OWSM Java API Reference11gR1 PS1E10689-02For writing custom policy assertions
Fusion Middleware Audit Framework (Security Guide)11gR1 PS1E10043-04OWSM leverages FMW audit framework
OWSM Interoperability Guide11gR1 PS1E16098-01Covers  interoperable policies certified against OWSM 10g, .NET, Axis, OSB 10g, WLS native security, etc.
OWSM HA Guide11gR1 PS1E10106-02Configuring OWSM for High Availability
Enterprise Deployment Guide (EDG) for SOA Suite11gR1 PS1 E12036-02Recommended deployment topology
OWSM Backup and Recovery (Disaster Recovery Guide)11gR1 PS1E15250-01Configuring for disaster recovery
OWSM Performance and Tuning Guide11gR1 PS1E10108-01Performance/Tuning
OWSM Licensing Information
E14860-07Licensing terms
Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) Guide
11gR1 PS1
E10043-04OPSS Guide
Oracle Access Manager 10g (
OAM 10g Guides

OWSM leverages OPSS internally for authentication, CSF and few other services. So, some of the above guides/sections should be complemented with OPSS guides.