Friday, December 18, 2009

Gartner's John Pescatore on 2010 Security Threats and Trends

See what Gartner's John Pescatore has to say about emerging security threats and trends in 2010.
There are two very new challenges. What we're seeing happening right now is certainly the threats have changed, but also business processes and the demands put on the IT organization and the information security organization are changing at the same time. At the same time that threats are getting more targeted, the business, even government agencies, are demanding that users be allowed to use home PC's, their own smart phones, iPhones and the like, being allowed to work from home, being allowed to use social networks, use consumer grade things like Google apps and Skype and the like.
So at the same time that the threats are getting more focused, IT is being forced to relinquish some control over the hardware and software and services that users use to get the business done and touch privacy related information and critical business processes. So dealing with those two challenges simultaneously, we're targeted deeper threats and having to give up some levels of control. That, I believe, is the major challenge facing security programs today.

I think 2010 into 2011 will be the start where we start to see vulnerabilities found in all these virtualization and Smart Grid technologies and other forms of wireless, and inevitability new technologies new vulnerabilities, and the attackers leap on those very, very quickly. So I think that is probably some of the new things we will see.
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