Monday, June 9, 2008

How To - 10.1.3 OWSM: Changing database location for monitoring data

To change the database where OWSM monitoring metrics are stored, follow these steps.
  1. Load OWSM schema in the target database by running irca script.
  2. Go to ORACLE_HOME/owsm/config/coreman directory, and put new database details in the following properties
    • monitor.repository.* in monitor-config-installer.properties
    • monitor.repository.* in collector-config-installer.properties
  3. Obfuscate the passwords in the above mentioned files using wsmadmin tool
    ORACLE_HOME/owsm/bin/wsmadmin encodePasswords ORACLE_HOME/owsm/config/coreman/monitor-config-installer.properties monitor.repository.password
  4. Redeploy the monitor application by running
    ORACLE_HOME/owsm/bin/wsmadmin deploy monitor
Monitoring metrics will be sent to the newly configured database.