Monday, March 17, 2008

OWSM FAQ: Types of installations and licensing

OWSM is packaged and licensed as either

  • SOA suite (alongwith BPEL, ESB, etc.)
  • Standalone OWSM
Both install packages comes with 2 options to install - Basic and Advanced
Once the product is installed using Basic install it cannot be migrated to Advanced install.
The following table captures the various combinations, and lists some of the targeted usage for each of them.

Type of installationTargeted usageComments
SOA Suite Basic InstallDemos, Evaluationspre-packaged with Oracle Olite database, runs on production quality OC4J
SOA Suite Advanced InstallProductionallows configuration with Oracle database, runs on production quality OC4J
Standalone OWSM Basic InstallDeveloperspre-packaged with Oracle Olite database, lightweight quick install for developer use, runs on oc4j_extended.zip
Standalone OWSM Advanced InstallProduction, HA topologyallows configuration with Oracle database, runs on production quality OC4J. Required for OWSM HA topology setup. Refer to Configuring OWSM for HA OBE.

OWSM (and any of it's components) comes with per-CPU license inline with other Oracle products except for agents which are offered for free.
Any bundled software such as OracleAS and OLite database comes with restricted use license.

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